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Everglades on the Bay – The Wait is Over

January 6, 2011 by Lucas Lechuga

building formerly known as Everglades on the Bay

Like many, I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle at Everglades on the Bay (now known as Vizcayne North and Vizcayne South)  Rockwood Capital, as you may already know, acquired the development in a $141M cash transaction this past November.  Since that time, I’ve eagerly anticipated the relaunch of sales and, of course, to get my hands on pricing.  The wait is over!  The development will be sold in phases with 60 very well priced units to be released in the initial phase.  The objective is to get sales off to good start.  Over the next couple of months, Rockwood will also be focused on performing capital improvements and improving building operations.  I’ve been asked not to publicly discuss pricing at this time but I will say that I haven’t seen pricing this good since the developer blow-out sales at Marina Blue and 1060 Brickell in 2009.  I anticipate these initial 60 units to be sold within the first 3 weeks.  Contact us if you have an interest in purchasing a condo at Everglades on the Bay or to learn more about the 849-unit mixed-use development.

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Am interested in purchasing a 2/2 w a den or 2/2. Let me know what pricing they are offering and floor plan models

Thank you


email me some info/details about the initial sale please

looking for a 1 bedroom, or bi-level loft.



it was $143 million and that was the note purchase….

its rockwood capital, not rockwell.


Lucas, pls send me floor plans and more info. Tks a lot

Lucas Lechuga


I said “Rockwood Capital” in the second sentence of the post. The second instance was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve corrected it.

Where did you read $143M? Rockwood Capital’s newswire said $141M.


Of all the buildings from Uptown to Brickell this building Everglades has the absolute best water views of any building in Miami.

Denis guro

Can you please forward more information about this offering? Im interested as a possible investment opportunity.


The same request here…pls forward sales info. Am interested in lofts.


This should definitely help Everglades on the Bay and other condos in the CBD:

To me the only thing holding downtown back is the street activity at night which is why I chose Brickell instead. Development like this coming plus Whole Foods, movie theater and retail at Met will definitely help to change that.


am interested in info


can I get some info about 1/1 with prices, floor plans

Michael Light

To everyone requesting information on this project, the new owners are not allowing us to give out an “official” price list. They are only willing to let us give a general price range for units. If you would like to discuss units and price ranges at Everglades, call Lucas at 786-247-6332.

Wild Bill

Everglades on Bay = Shady


Hi, I am interested in 2br/2 br, cash investor. Please send me me the priceline (general is okay) with floor plans.


I love Romero Britto and have a few in my own home but these do not belong in this color scheme, not even as something different or funky. I would be embarrassed to bring someone into this lobby, it looks like while the other developers were going broke….someone had a couple of Brittos and wanted to throw something on the wall,anything! Its a downright heinous looking eye sore! i hope they remove those from this lobby and find a more appropriate place for them.

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