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Aston Martin Residences Has Received Their Vulcan To Display In The Sales Center

June 6, 2017 by Sarah Elles Boggs

[caption id="attachment_24695" align="alignnone" width="960"]Aston Martin Vulcan Image courtesy of Anthony Felxas' Facebook[/caption]

It has arrived! As we reported in February, the Aston Martin Residences in Downtown Miami had ordered a $2.3 million Aston Martin Vulcan to display in their sales center. According to their sales representative, Anthony Flexas, the car arrived this week. Here are some images that he shared to his social media. The car is only one of 24 in the entire world.

Aston Martin Vulcan Tail Lights

Aston Martin Vulcan Steering Wheel

Aston Martin Vulcan Engine


Because of its power, the car is a track-only supercar. Listen to that engine! Do you think that this will help to sell more condos in the super luxury tower?

Aston Martin Residences' Floor Plans & Prices

Aston Martin Residences' Renderings & Details

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