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Aston Martin Residences Releases New Renderings And Details

February 2, 2017 by Sarah Elles Boggs

Aston Martin Residences Marina

Aston Martin Residences has released a new set of renderings for their building whose design was inspired by an Aston Martin DB11. They are making it clear that this partnership is in fact a complete partnership, not just a licensing agreement.

The interiors of the building will have the same lighting scheme, design and feel of the interiors of their signature hand-made car. The same jeweler who places the Aston Martin logo on the hood of the cars will be the jeweler who places the unit numbers on the residence doors. A $2.3 million Aston Martin Vulcan will be the center piece of their $12 million sales center, which is currently under construction. There are only 8 of these cars in the world, and Miami’s was delivered last week.

Despite the fact that the sales center does not open until around Mother’s Day, 25 of the 391 residences have already been spoken for. They will feature floor to ceiling glass without any visible concrete whatsoever. Even the support beams will be encased in glass for an elegant and timeless feel… just like the cars. The project is expected to break ground in October of this year.

One additional new piece of information that we were able to learn is that the developer has also purchased a plot of beachfront land on Virginia Key to construct an Aston Martin Beach Club for the residences. They will be ferried from the deep-water dock onsite to the beach club by an Aston Martin yacht. Wow.

Have a look here at the new renderings. Prices range from just under $500,000 up to $7,000,000 for the River and Panoramic Residences and Penthouses that range from $14,000,000 – $35,000,000 including a triplex penthouse with private pools, a helipad and an Aston Martin Vulcan. Here is a selection of floor plans & prices for the best deals from each line as of today.

Aston Martin Residences 02

Aston Martin Residences Motorcourt 02

Aston Martin Residences Motorcourt 01

Aston Martin Residences Motorcourt

Aston Martin Residences Lobby

Aston Martin Residences Pool

Aston Martin Residences Amenity Lobby

Aston Martin Residences Kitchen

Aston Martin Residences Bathroom

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5 Comments on "Aston Martin Residences Releases New Renderings And Details"

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Mike Dukes

Who is the idiot that made these Renderings ?! LOOOL I bet they know nothing of luxury exotic and supercars. This is the Aston Martin Building, Correct ? Those are Maserati’s. Old, yes. But still will always be Maserati’s…. LOL.


The headlights are way off to be a Maserati. But then again, they’re way off to be an Aston Martin too. Kinda reminds me more of a Jaguar XJ.


I love the all-glass base of the building. Beautiful!


I can only imagine to live like that. Guaau beautiful


But, I can at least look thank you for posting these beautiful sites.

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