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Aston Martin Residences – Available Floor Plans & Prices

February 2, 2017 by Lucas Lechuga

Aston Martin Residences

We were excited earlier this week to receive a full presentation of Aston Martin Residences, the new super-luxury development in Downtown Miami. Earlier, we posted the new renderings along with new details about the amenities and finishes that were shared with us during that presentation.

I always say that the best time to buy is in the very beginning or the very end of a project's sales cycle. In the beginning, the details are less concrete and many times the sales center and brochures are not yet completed. At the end, the developer is eager to move on to their next project. Either way, these are the times to get the best pricing.

In our previous post, we mentioned that 25 of the available 391 residences have already been sold. The developer is now selling their second release, here is our favorite option from each line. Please remember that this is the availability and price as of today. If you are interested in one of the options, just reach out and we can quickly send you an update.

Here is where you can find the sales brochure and fact sheet that we received when the project originally launched. Now, without further adieu, The Residences:

River Residence 401 - $3,181,900 ($954/square foot)

River Residence 502 - $1,470,900 ($997/square foot)

River Residence 703 - $1,763,900 ($969/square foot)

River Residence 1105 - $531,900 ($762/square foot)

River Residence 1006 - $681,900 ($799/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 2301 - $4,384,900 ($1,114/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 2902 - $2,517,900 ($1,040/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 3203 - $2,611,900 ($849/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 2704 - $3,043,900 ($861/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 4305 - $1,749,900 ($1,037/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 2406 - $1,349,900 ($1,025/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 1907 - $1,712,900 ($810/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 2908 - $647,900 ($859/square foot)

Panoramic Residence 5009 - $1,243,900 ($785/square foot)

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This is bound to be one of Miami’s nicest condo developments. By 2022, the next condo boom will be in full swing. $1,000 per square foot will seem low by then.


Actually the rebound won’t even take that long.

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