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A Year in Review for the Miami Condo Investments Blog

December 27, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

Top 5 Miami Condo Investments Blog Posts

As a year-end post, I decided to go through all of the posts that I’ve written about the Miami condo market in 2007 to highlight my five favorite posts. This blog was born on May 12, 2007, so it’s really a 7 1/2-month review. It’s amazing that I’ve been able to find the time to write 180 posts since that time. The following five posts weren’t necessarily the most popular, although a few were, but rather just my own personal favorites. These are the blog posts that I felt were both insightful and well written. Is there a Miami Blogging Pulitzer Prize in existence yet?

  1. Will History Repeat Itself in Miami? – October 28, 2007
  2. Advice to Miami Condo Sellers – July 26, 2007
  3. Miami Condo Auction a Big Disappointment – September 21, 2007
  4. An Analytical Analysis of Analyzing Condominiums – June 15, 2007
  5. Sunday Afternoon Bicycle Ride Through Brickell and Downtown Miami – October 14, 2007

The following was the runner-up:

  1. Crisis Looming in the Arts District of Miami? – May 29, 2007

I’d love to hear which Miami condo post was your favorite of 2007.

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4 Comments on "A Year in Review for the Miami Condo Investments Blog"


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10 years 21 days ago

The total in the end of year is the needed thing you have to do, include with me. You can know your ability and the necessary archives.
I have appreciated all of 5 blog posts you showing. In that, my favorite is the Advice to Miami Condo sellers, it’s useful for me to build the estate marketing tactics.
Happy new year!

10 years 20 days ago


I had no idea you were an Illinois alumn. Go Illini!

Juan GM
Juan GM
10 years 20 days ago

Lucas, have you seen the inventory levels at the Mark!

I have heard from various realtors that the association is struggling due to the rampant foreclosures in that building.

Just wanted to know if you had heard anything.

10 years 19 days ago

Can you give me your opinion and/or comments on Met 1 Condo in downtown miami


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