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Crisis Looming in the Arts District of Miami?

May 29, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

Arts District Construction

I busted out my camcorder today and headed out to beautiful Margaret Pace Park to take in the nice Memorial Day scenery. Okay, okay…so I had another agenda on my mind. I wanted to give everyone a firsthand look at the condo developments in Edgewater Miami along North Bayshore Drive.

Margaret Pace Park

Margaret Pace Park is a large park situated along Biscayne Bay from NE 17th Street to NE 20st Street. (The picture above doesn’t quite encompass the entire park). A variety of activities can be enjoyed there such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, running/walking/jogging, BBQing and condo construction watching. Along this park, from NE 17th Street to NE 20th Street, there are three major condo developments under construction: Opera Tower, The 1800 Club and Quantum on the Bay. Combined, these three condo developments will bring a total of 1,856 new condo units to the Miami real estate market by year’s end. That is just within three blocks! The picture slideshow below will show you a variety of pictures that I took of these three condo developments. The video footage that I shot can be found at the end of this post.

Opera Tower, located on the corner of 17th Street and North Bayshore Drive, will bring a total of 635 new condo units to the Miami real estate market. Closings are scheduled to begin in July.

The 1800 Club, which stretches from 18th Street to 19th Street along North Bayshore Drive, will bring a total of 469 new condo units. Closings are likely to begin around September.

Quantum on the Bay, which is comprised of two towers and stretches from 19th Street to 20th Street along North Bayshore Drive, will bring a total of 752 new condo units to the Miami real estate market. Closings will likely occur by year’s end.

Last week, The New York Times published an article entitled, “As Condos Rise in South Florida, Nervous Investors Try to Flee”, which discusses how panicked investors are increasingly looking for ways to get out of their preconstruction contracts. When those hopes vanish, many end up walking away from hefty deposits. The article notes that an attorney in Boca Raton, Florida receives two to three phone calls a day from investors looking for some way out of their contract. A second attorney, working on behalf of developers in Miami, also added that “in some projects, up to 20 percent of buyers want their money back”. The article states that 8,000 new condos units are expected to be completed by the end of the year in Miami-Dade County alone. Another 12,000 condo units are expected to be completed by the end of 2008.

It seems that Opera Tower, The 1800 Club and Quantum on the Bay will represent a little over 20 percent of the 8,000 new condo units mentioned in the article for 2007. That is a huge chunk, especially when those units are located within three blocks of one another.

There will definitely be some great deals available in the coming months in Edgewater, as well as other Miami neighborhoods. I will do my best to report these deals as I find them. If you, or anyone you know, purchased a preconstruction condo and is looking to find a replacement buyer to close, please feel free to contact me.

The video below will show you the footage that I shot of Opera Tower, The 1800 Club and Quantum on the Bay. Notice how close the buildings are to one another.

The following is a video of Margaret Pace Park. The park runs along Biscayne Bay, so any condo units facing east in any of the buildings directly across from the park will have unobstructed water views.

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5 Comments on "Crisis Looming in the Arts District of Miami?"

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Bangkok Apartments

Nice blog!

Cynergi Buyer

hi. I bought at Cynergi and looking to get out. Can you find a replacement buyer?

Lucas Lechuga

Not likely. Many people on this site have reported a lot of issues with that development.

Mr Waverly
Lucas Quantum has already started closings. I had three units there that already closed. I purchased one for myself, one was in partnership with a friend and the other I sold to another friend. . Our contracts stated the project would be complete in 2006. About a year after signing the purchase agreement we received an addendum stating the project would be “substantially complete” by December 31, 2007. Substantially complete means having TCO and ready for occupancy. It is my opinion that had that TCO not come in then EVERYONE would have walked from their contracts. It was a G… Read more »

What is the occupancy like in the condos in all three buildings now? The area seems to be picking up quite a bit in terms of the businesses on Biscayne etc…is it just my imagination?

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