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100 Montaditos Brickell Location Coming Soon

August 9, 2012 by Lucas Lechuga

100 Montaditos Brickell location

This past February, 100 Montaditos opened its first location in the United States.  It chose Midtown Miami as the spot in which to introduce itself to America.  The restaurant, known for its tapa-sized bread roll sandwiches, has since opened five other locations – all in South Florida – including one at the base of 50 Biscayne Vizcayne in Downtown Miami.  It now looks to expand once again by opening a seventh location – this time in Brickell – at the former site of Deli Lane.  Admittedly, I have not had the chance to try 100 Montaditos for myself but I have heard great things and I’m sure its success speaks for itself.

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The downtown location referenced in this post is wrong. They are not located at 50 Biscayne, it’s located at Vizcayne.

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