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Judgment Day Just Around the Corner for the Miami Condo Market

May 16, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

Miami ConstructionMiami Construction

There are a number of premier condo buildings that are scheduled for completion in the next six months throughout Miami. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

It will be interesting to see, in the coming months, where prices will go from here. The number of distressed properties has been climbing throughout Miami-Dade County and that number should escalate as these new units hit the market. A year ago properties in Miami were selling like hotcakes. 12 months later the market has cooled considerably in Miami, as has the overall national real estate market. Vulture capitalists have been circling the skies of Miami for over two years, waiting for the right moment to swoop in and scavenge the real estate market here in Miami. 12 months ago vulture capitalists were told that their moment would never come as some real estate markets, throughout the United States, turned in double-digit growth. However, the next six months might be just the moment that they have been waiting for as national foreclosure filings has increased 35 percent over the previous year, according to RealtyTrac. Coupled with the increasing number of new properties that will come on board in the coming months, Miami may be ripe for the picking. The question is “Will the vulture capitalists provide a cushioned bottom for the inevitable judgment day that awaits the condo market?”. “Can their deep pockets provide the support that this market needs or will we find out just how deep the rabbit-hole goes?”

As the day of judgment comes we, here at Miami Condo Investments, will be ready to seek out the best opportunities and pass them along to our faithful blog subscribers. We plan to provide a complete analysis on all condo investment opportunities that meet our criteria, along with a comparative market analysis, pictures of the properties and, in some cases, video so our subscribers can fully grasp the opportunity.

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6 Comments on "Judgment Day Just Around the Corner for the Miami Condo Market"

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Thanks for the info,

I will keep watching for more info!

Relocating to Miami with work.

Lucas Lechuga


Keep an eye on my Miami Condo Index to get great insight into pricing in various Miami neighborhoods. I just released my Brickell index today.



Rob Santoli

Please add me to your email list as “snowbirds” in NY are watching the situation as well.

Tony Lundy

Im interested in purchasing several condos /Houses in South Beach. Of course im waiting to see if things fall much further. Coming from Va prices still seem inflated. Got the cash just waiting to jump in.

sheila coldwell

let me know when is a good time to buy

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