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Euclid Avenue Plaza Extension of Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall Opens to the Public

August 5, 2016 by Sean McCaughan

Photos by Sean McCaughan.

In the heart of South Beach. the new Euclid Avenue pedestrian plaza, beginning where Euclid terminates at Lincoln Road and extending almost a city block south, is done. The Euclid plaza, which we had just included in our Lincoln Road construction roundup last week, is now effectively an extension of Lincoln Road’s famed pedestrian promenade.

Technically, however, this is also Lincoln’s first completely new pedestrian mall expansion ever, since the road was initially closed to cars in 1960 by architect Morris Lapidus. (the 1100 block, which was also recently totally redesigned to remove traffic lanes that had crept back in, was not an expansion but a reclamation)

Miami Beach city bigwigs first decided to expand the mall at Euclid in 2014, when the city commission agreed on a public-private partnership deal with an adjacent developer, as the Herald reported at the time. With work beginning, the contracting job was awarded to Edge Construction, which from then on beautifully documented the project’s progress on their Facebook page.

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