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At Last! Renovations Are Coming To 1814 Brickell Park

November 12, 2016 by Sarah Elles Boggs

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Carter Facebook

After months of requesting and circulating a petition, the City of Miami Parks Department has agreed to the proposed changes to the park located at 1814 Brickell. We chimed in as well, as the current design was excellent in theory, but fell flat with the originally intended use.

Originally, the park was intended for “businesswomen in high heels” and “workers relaxing from the business district,” except those people never showed up. You can find them after work at happy hour, not strolling 5 blocks to sit in a park. Meanwhile, young children with their mothers and nannies are left with nowhere to play. As a member of the stroller brigade, this redesign makes me very, very happy!

In an onsite meeting this week, the Director of Parks met with a handful of interested Brickellians to go over the approved changes. They will be replacing the current playscape with a setup for 2-5 year old children and a swing set. To add more shade, they discussed adding a mature shade tree in the back corner of the play area and extending the foam flooring further out to add more play space. The project is set to take 6 months to complete, but will likely take a bit more time because we all know how construction timelines are fluid. There will only be about a month of the park being fully closed.


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Carter Facebook


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Carter Facebook

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