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My First Impression of BrickellHouse

February 1, 2015 by Lucas Lechuga
BrickellHouse condos

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got a chance to show a few condos at BrickellHouse. While there, I was also able to check out the amenities. Surprisingly, up until a few days ago, I hadn't received one single buyer or rental lead for that building. Actually, I found that to be very surprising, almost to the point of being alarming. When a new building opens, there typically is a lot of interest and excitement from early-adopter-type people who clamor to be one of the firsts to live there. With BrickellHouse, I didn't see that this time around, and I couldn't explain why that was. I've already been seeing huge interest from people looking to buy or rent at the soon-to-be-opened 1100 Millecento, but interest in BrickellHouse has been lacking - at least from what I've been seeing. Again, I can't explain it, but I'm here to tell you that if you are in the market to buy or rent a condo in Brickell, you should brush aside whatever reservations you may have about BrickellHouse and go check it out. It's definitely worth considering. I must admit, I wasn't expecting much from BrickellHouse in the way of views, given that it has buildings surrounding it on all sides, but views it has. They far exceeded my expectations. I showed one unit facing northwest, located on the 28th floor, and another facing southeast, situated on the 11th floor. Both had outstanding views. Just don't go there, however, expecting to get uninterrupted water views, because you're not going to get it unless you're on a really high floor facing southeast, such as in the photo immediately below. I've also included a few other shots I took of the views. Unfortunately, I didn't take any shots of the actual units. One of the condos I showed was a huge mess because it was in the middle of being built out and the other I didn't a chance to because I was busy talking with my client. Hopefully, I'll be back again soon and get a chance to take and share some photos of the actual units.

Overall, I was impressed with BrickellHouse. I think it helps fill a sizable gap between existing high-end condos (e.g. Icon Brickell) and mid-range condos (i.e. The  Plaza on Brickell and 1060 Brickell).

View from rooftop pool at BrickellHouse

BrickellHouse rooftop pool




northwest view from BrickellHouse

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