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Brickell on the River South Lobby – Video

February 28, 2009 by Lucas Lechuga

Short video I shot Friday night of the lobby at Brickell on the River South condos:

Brickell on the River South is a loft building that has one and two bedroom two-story lofts. It is located on the northern end of Brickell at 41 SE 5 Street Miami, FL 33131.

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7 Comments on "Brickell on the River South Lobby – Video"

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This is my avice to Icon who does not know if he should close on his 3bd.apartm and invested more than $200,000. Was it an investment or you planned to live there yourself? If it was an investment (obviously I do not know your financial situation and if you planned to finance it or pay all cash) the scenario can be differend dependable on your personal situation. Here is what I would do in order not to loose your deposit: I would look for the smallest unit in the building that is in developer’s posession and has great views (I… Read more »
The Ace

Nice Lobby but still only worth $125.00 per square foot and whose the derelict at the check in counter.

The Smart Money, never derelict in our predictions.


positive cash flow? i don’t see how that’s possible. the taxes and hoa alone will be north of 1500 in a year. 1bdrms at icon are about 750 sq ft give or take. who’s gonna pay that price when there is so MUCH inventory available…not only in Icon, but the surrounding neighborhood as well? not to mention, as soon as he closes on this place, it’s going to be worth less than what the developer sold it to him for.


and to add to that,

When Icon officially becomes a huge rental building (its inevitable), the rental program will be super cheap, with hardly any deposit money required for renters to move in.

I guestimate rents for 1 bedrooms at Icon will start at about $1,000 per month with 1 month deposit to move in.

Realist Bob
Nice lobby. A couple of weeks ago, I posted the following: Talking about “fraud and greed”… Has anyone learned of meltdown-related civil RICO actions against banks, developers, derivatives spinners, CDO swappers, Ponzi sustainers and/or other meltdown initiators and potential miscreants? It appears that several plaintiff groups are looking to bring legal action against Madoff and others under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (18 USC 1961 et seq). Apparently, private attorneys general can bring civil actions under RICO and recover treble damages. RICO has teeth so why stop at Madoff et al? ——— Earlier today, while browsing another… Read more »

I luv ya Lucas. But,
Worst. Video. Ever.


just make em all welfare and low income housing

well wait aren’t most people in miami low income ?

tea partys in 40 city get out and have a protest

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