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Wynwood is Beginning to Bounce Back from the Zika Apocalypse

August 15, 2016 by Sean McCaughan

Photo via Wynwood Yard.

When ZIka hit Wynwood, Miami’s reaction was immediate, and sweeping, and a little hysterical. The plague had struck Miami and it needed quarantined, and eradicated, or it would ravage South Florida. Wynwood became a ghost town that rained pesticide. Zika spread anyway, but was it too late for Wynwood? Would the people come back?

The monthly Wynwood Art Walk this Saturday “bustled with tourists and locals taking selfies, shopping, and browsing the galleries” reported the Miami Herald. The ‘Love for Locals’ campaign put on by local businesses hoping to bring people back to Wynwood was a hit, with many offering discounts and freebies. The Wynwood Yard, an outdoor park-like venue with food trucks and entertainment, reopened after having closed out of fear of anywhere outside or around foliage, where Zika-carrying mosquitos might be. According to the New Times, they’re taking more thought-out mosquito mitigation measures, including installing something called  a MosquitoNix system, instead of just fleeing.

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