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Louver House Gets Its Louvers

May 24, 2017 by Sarah Elles Boggs
Architect Rene Gonzalez With Louvers

Architect Rene Gonzalez With Louvers

South of Fifth’s newest boutique development, Louver House, is headed for the finish line of completion, with closings expected next month. In honor of the architecturally significant building, let’s have a look at their signature features… LOUVERS.

Louvers are architectural details, sometimes window blinds or shutters, that have horizontal slats that are angled to admit air and light, but to block rain and direct sunshine. They date back to the middle ages, when they were used to ventilate large kitchens without allowing rain and snow inside. Today, they have a more luxurious application and are typically used for those who love to enjoy the fresh air of a patio, but prefer to stay dry and save the tourist-level sunburn for the beach.

Louver House’s aluminum louvers tout over 15,000 linear feet of louver blade, which is almost 3 miles. That’s enough material to form a radius stretching across the Intracoastal, reaching both the Julia Tuttle and MacArthur Causeways, encompassing most of Virginia Key and all of the islands in between the causeways.

Combined, they weigh well over 50,000 lbs and have over 30,000 screws and bolts holding them together. All of the materials of these particular louvers are sourced from American-made products from American suppliers and are proudly made here in the US.

 Now that they are installed, you can see that they beautifully create privacy and intimacy, while still allowing for views of the lush neighborhood and architectural detail to the building. 

Louver House Construction Progress

Louver House is developed by Mast Capital and is located at 311 Meridian in Miami Beach. They have only 12 residences in 5 floors. The grounds feature a host of various gardens and relaxation areas, with a rooftop swimming pool overlooking Miami Beach. Each of the residences has expansive outdoor living areas and large interior layouts. The smallest layout is over 2,000 square feet of interior space and all layouts have 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and a powder room.

Prices for the remaining 4 opportunities average $1,250/square foot.

Louver House Brochure by Sarah Elles Boggs on Scribd

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