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Check Out the LED Displays in the Motorcourt of SLS Brickell

September 12, 2016 by Sarah Elles Boggs

SLS Brickell LED DIsplay
When we went on our hard hat tour of SLS Brickell last month, our contact from the hotel mentioned an artistic LED display was going to be installed on the ceiling of the motorcourt. It seemed intriguing enough at the time, but I was anxious to go inside the building and didn’t pay much mind to the concept. Yesterday I noticed that the display is now live and it stopped me in my tracks!

On the ceiling there are circular LED displays scattered throughout and they each run a loop of a different scene. Sometimes the scenes are orchestrated together, sometimes they are completely different and sometimes they are all the same. I’m not sure whether this is a test run or if it will always vary, but the entire display is certainly attention-grabbing.

Some of the scenes are pretty and calming, some are inspirational and thought-provoking and some are downright creepy. How very Phillipe Starck. Here is a sample of one of the scenes. It features dancers dressed up like white goats and spelling out different phrases with their bodies. I found these costumes really creepy, but it still held my attention. What do you think?

The LED installation on the ceiling of the motorcourt at SLS Brickell is running! What do you think?

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