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SkyRise Miami Could Get ‘Giant Observation Wheel’ and ‘Giant Chair Drop’ Additions

July 19, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel, 1913.

Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel, 1913.

When and if SkyRise Miami eventually gets built, the observation tower and vertical amusement park above Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami might have two new additions: a ‘giant observation wheel’ and ‘giant chair drop’ according to modified plans submitted to the City of Miami Planning Department for approval. The Next Miami acquired a copy of those plans and renderings, unrealistically showing sort of a pill-shaped oval of little pods discretely orbiting around the back of the tower. Ridiculous rendering alert! It could actually be pretty awesome, but come on bro, the engineering alone will make the ‘wheel’ a lot more noticeable than that ridiculous little fantasy chain of pearls. The finished product will probably look more like a bicycle wheel nailed to a stool (how Duchampian!) than that rendering. Hey, at least it won’t be so phallic anymore.

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