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Tower Near Arsht Center to Soar Higher Than Initially Planned

June 10, 2024 by Jacki Taylor

14th Street Tower Construction Update

Miami's skyline is about to undergo another transformation as plans for a new tower near the Arsht Center have been formally filed, revealing an increase in height beyond initial expectations. This development signals not only the city's continued growth but also the adaptability and evolution of urban architectural projects.

According to recent filings submitted on June 6th to Miami-Dade officials for zoning approval, the tower is now slated to rise 30 stories above ground, reaching an impressive height of 353 feet. This significant increase surpasses the earlier projection of 27 stories, standing at 319 feet, as detailed in an April filing by the developer during a pre-application meeting request. The adjustment in height underscores the dynamic nature of construction projects and the iterative process of urban development.

Despite the upward revision in height, one aspect remains constant: the number of dwelling units. The tower is still planned to accommodate 283 units, maintaining its residential capacity as previously envisioned. This continuity ensures that the project retains its intended scale and functionality, providing housing options within the burgeoning cityscape.

Behind this ambitious venture is a dedicated team of professionals committed to bringing the vision to life. 14th Street Miami Investments, LLC spearheads the development, while RSP Architects of Miami lends their expertise as the architect responsible for crafting the tower's design. The project's engineering aspects, both civil and traffic, are entrusted to Kimley-Horn, ensuring the structural integrity and seamless integration with the surrounding urban infrastructure. Urban Robot contributes its landscape architectural prowess to enhance the green spaces surrounding the tower, while legal matters and land use intricacies are expertly navigated by Bercow Radell Fernandez Larkin + Tapanes. This collaborative effort underscores the interdisciplinary nature of modern urban development, where diverse skill sets converge to realize ambitious projects.

As plans for the tower near the Arsht Center take shape and surpass initial expectations in height, Miami's skyline prepares for another striking addition. This development not only reflects the city's ongoing evolution but also exemplifies the collaborative spirit driving urban innovation. With a dedicated team and meticulous planning, the tower is poised to become a prominent feature in Miami's ever-changing landscape, contributing to its vibrant urban tapestry for generations to come.

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