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City Revokes Midtown Walmart Construction Permit

June 23, 2016 by Lucas Lechuga
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The Miami Building Department has nailed the controversial new Walmart in Midtown Miami, revoking a construction permit it issued near the end of last year. The reason for the usual move was explained as a lack of unity of title, in a letter issued to the retailer in February and reported by The Next Miami. "A partner in the project, Midtown Opportunities, needed to sign a covenant in lieu of unity of title, along with the Midtown Community Development District." Evidently, when Walmart didn't fix the situation in the intervening four months, well, there went the permit. Neighborhood activist and opposition leader Grant Stern's response conveys a subtle hint of satisfaction: "I'm glad the city of Miami finally revoked Walmart's foundation permit. Walmart's plan has a fatal design flaw, that violates Miami21 and that we've been pointing out to our public officials in writing, in public meetings and in court since 2013."


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