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New Trolley Lines to the Grove, Wynwood, and Little Havana Are Popular With Miami’s New Urbanites

August 13, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
Photo by Phillip Pessar.

Photo by Phillip Pessar.

Sure, it’s not a train, or even real light rail, but as people move to condos and apartments in and around the urban core, the City of Miami’s trolley service has become a big hit. The three newest trolley lines, which circulate through Wynwood, Coconut Grove, and Little Havana, and launched March 1st have proven immediately popular… particularly the Little Havana line by a long shot. According to ridership tallies in Miami Today, in June the Little Havana line had over 70,000 riders, while Wynwood had almost 6,000, and Coconut Grove over 14,000. A new direct connection to the Coral Gables trolley network is also expected to increase the Grove line numbers. Sure those numbers are probably nothing compared to New York or wherever, but in Miami’s transition to being a more multimodal city, that’s a solid step forward. When the City Commission reconvenes September 8th, they will again take up the idea of expanding the service city-wide.

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