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Future Publix at 18th Street & Biscayne Boulevard

October 5, 2010 by Lucas Lechuga

Publix at 18 street and biscayne boulevard

The above rendering was released by the South Florida Business Journal today in an article entitled “Stiles plans Publix in downtown Miami”. The rendering is of a 49,000 square foot Publix that is planned for the location at Northeast 18th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.  That article mentions that the Publix will have a bakery, pharmacy, liquor store and cafe’.

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The whole development is actually 273 000 sq ft…much bigger than average Wal-Mart. Should be huge catalyst for the whole shopping-starved area. If ever there was a commercial slam-dunk, that must be it. Anybody knows when construction starts?


Construction started about 2 weeks ago.


Also, question for someone familiar with the downtown condos – which building is better, 900 Biscayne or Marquis? I can’t find any comparison reviews…Much appreciated, thanks.


In case you are wondering about 273 000 sq ft, here is a link:


Lucas, thanks for the input. Will certainly take it into account. Your slide shows are fantastic, although it seems that 900 is represented by the best line – 06 – that was set up by top notch interior designer. That unit is an absoulute stunner – and almost anything would probably pale in comparison with it. Might not be totally fair, but if common areas are nicer, that’s probably a clincher for me, unless Marquis is quite a bit cheaper.

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