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Taxi Companies Are Suing Miami-Dade for Legalizing Uber and Lyft

May 4, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
Ocean Drive Taxi

Photo via Chris Goldberg/Flickr

Yesterday Uber and Lyft were both legalized in Miami-Dade County, following years of legal wrangling and a county commission vote of 9-2 strongly in their favor. The law allowing Uber and Lyft on the roads officially will take ten days to go into effect, but for taxi companies the fight isn’t over yet. In a last ditch effort, they have sued Miami-Dade County for $1 billion in lost medallion values. Is the county worried? Apparently, not really. Similar legal action in New York was unsuccessful. “We can’t be held hostage,” Mayor Gimenez told the Miami Herald Tuesday evening. “That was something they were hanging over our heads for a long time, to scare us. There’s been legal action around the country. We’ll take that on, too.”

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