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Miami Condo Investments Turns 5 Today

May 12, 2012 by Lucas Lechuga

Happy 5 year anniversary

By happenstance, it suddenly occurred to me yesterday that Miami Condo Investments would be turning five years old today.  Five years!  Quite remarkable when I stopped to think about it.  I had owned the domain since 2005 but it wasn’t until May 12, 2007 that I decided to roll up my sleeves and write my first blog post – I just had to see what this blogging thing was all about.  I had read all about the potential benefits of blogging and what it could mean for my real estate business but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine just how profoundly it would impact my career.  Had it not been for my commitment to blogging, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have fallen to the wayside like many of my fellow Realtors® at the height of the market.  Instead, blogging allowed me to advance in my career and see continued success with each passing year.  Blogging also provided me with a forum to reach a global audience – a forum which, over the past five years, has had roughly 2M visitors from 206 countries who have viewed over 10.3M pages!  I want to thank each and every one of you, especially those who have contributed to the forum with comments and feedback.  It has been greatly appreciated. 

Without a doubt, Miami Condo Investments will be around for another five.  I look forward to the coming years and will continue to provide you with relevant information about the Miami real estate market.

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What Do You Think

Congratulations! Reading Miami Condo Investments and its blogs daily certainly made me smarter and helped me acquire a condo in Brickell in 2010. It also helped me clear many of my questions about condo ownership. It also has been a lot of fun reading the blogs – a kind of fraternal. So, thank you, Lucas, I wish you the continual success.

Lucas Lechuga

Thank you What Do You Think! I’m glad that you have enjoyed it.

Dear Lucas. I wish you a lot of success and congratilations! Your blogging required a lot of good will, knowledge, time and patience. Benefits are obvious. It became my everyday friend for the past 5 years and gave me a chance to become one of your clients. At the beginning it also became a source of great entertaiment due to the debates in the form of comments (despite the fact that some civility was lost) yet it gave a lively breathing to the whole virtual world of visitors. Some of these visitors became real people when I visited Miami. The… Read more »

Lucas, Congrats on the Blog! The blog posts and comments have been sometimes over the top, but always enlightening and engaging. Your forum has allowed many folks to better understand issues involved in investing, owning and residing in a condo environment. Hope to see your site active through the next miami condo boom cycle!

What Do You Think

This is interesting: Icon Brickell Retail

“We have new tenants for both retail spaces on the valet level.
Cipriani, an Italian eatery, has restaurants in New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Venice, Abu Dhabi and Monte Carlo will be located in Tower 1.
La Cantina No. 20, a Mexican chain of restaurants, with 30 locations will be located in Tower 2.”
The leased spaces have two floors for dining and includes both covered and open-air terraces, as well as river-walk access and bay views.


Congratulations Lucas! A very entertaining and informative blog. Look forward to the next five.


Congrats Lucas. The information you’ve posted over the years has definitely show you more in tune than many others. Definitely looking forward to great info for during round 2.

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