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Marina Blue Featured in New Akon Music Video

November 21, 2008 by Lucas Lechuga

Akon video at Marina Blue condos

A little over a month ago, Akon shot a music video for his new hit single “Right Now (Na Na Na)” at Marina Blue. I came across the video and wanted to share it with everyone.

The opening scene is shot in the loading dock area of the parking garage at Marina Blue. It then appears that he is entering a nightclub but is actually entering the lobby of Marina Blue. 3 minutes and 3 seconds into the video, you will also see Akon singing on a couch in a living room. This was shot in a penthouse unit at Marina Blue. Notice the 20-foot floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the Miami Beach skyline in the background.

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9 Comments on "Marina Blue Featured in New Akon Music Video"

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well, better that it’s akon instead of the bang bros./reality kings…

those scions of miami culture shot a porn in one of the units in my building over the summer.

Renter Tom

The pseudo secret service type security is hilarious…yep Akon is so important that people are out to get him…. too funny. A lot of show… If you have to show someone you’re “important” then you’re really not. I wonder how many music stars will be going under….maybe we can have an Ed McMahon group home or something.

Some guy

Maybe we can all get a job with akon. Florida unemployment just hit 7%. It’s skyrocketing!

Akon is an albatross: he was at MB, and now he is appearing at K&Y. IMO the re-capitalized K&Y will fail as a business, and MB will fail as well… RT/JCrimes, left a post for you from two posts ago. Care to comment? Any thoughts on the article in the Miami Herald: re — better than expected closings in Downtown Miami Condos? No where in the articles (several iterations from online/print versions) did I see where the Zalewski survey use as a starting point — I mean, who cares if One Miami is 98% closed after starting closings three years… Read more »

lehman was the mezz at canyon. i think it’s been funded by a new lender or maybe the senior but not entirely sure.

i don’t give much credence to the article…so the developer offloaded the units…it’s just a hot potato.

la la

turn on fox news, there’s a high-speed chase in oklahoma city and the guy is going 140 mph…it’s so different from miami chases, the cars are actually moving over to let him pass:p

Wild Bill

Sad that these failing developers have to rent out these luxury buildings to raise capital. It’s like renting your Mercedes to a movie set because you can’t make the lease payments. Low class stuff. Wait until the half million dollar and up owners find out how trashy their so called high end developers are.


I love this song , I also like the view from the condo and I did not know they had a video to this song ,thanks Lucas –


Renter Tom,

Did your mama every tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say dont say anything at all?

Not an Akon fan, but I’m sure he needs security versus you. When your face is on TV (singer, rapper, actor, or whatever) yes sometimes people are out to get you.

Glad to see someone is using this building regardless. I think a very nice building.

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