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How to Sell Your Condo or House in the Current Real Estate Market

December 22, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

The following video provides great insight as to how sellers in the current real estate market should be realistic in pricing their home or condo if they are truly motivated to sell.

Oh yeah, and in case you missed it….DON’T OVERPRICE YOUR HOME! If you interview three agents and you decide to go with the agent that is willing to list your home at the highest price, then good luck!

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9 Comments on "How to Sell Your Condo or House in the Current Real Estate Market"

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Juan Leal

“My house is special, it should be worth more… I mean I spent 30k on the floors alone, I got custom lighting, upgraded bathrooms, tear-down ceiling, a slightly better angled bay view, stain-less appliances, glass railings, premium paint, titled in the balcony.. and more…I mean… It’s a lot better then those other condos out there… so why should I price it lower then them?”

Agree….there may be 50 or 100 listings in any particular condo but what if you did add all those extras awesome floors, window treatments and coverings, recessed lighting etc.. all these are coming decorator ready so if someone comes in a makes its an decoratively outstanding why should they price their’s as the lowest when the 2nd lowest is a plain decorator ready w/ nothing. Seems the impression these days is the cheapest unit of all similiar units is the #1 target but never asks the question what is actually fixed up or has been upgraded in the higher priced… Read more »

My upper end clients always rip everything out and redo it anyway.

I find that what they pay a premium for is higher floor and better view.

RA, hate to tell you but I’m pretty certain Juan was being slightly sarcastic. The sad reality of the situation is that a higher condo will demand a higher price, so when it’s priced lower, it just means it’s likely a better bargain. For as much money as you put into your condo, there is the harsh reality that the buyer probably doesn’t care. Just b/c you like how it looks doesn’t mean I will. So what if you have nice wooden floors…that doesn’t mean I won’t want to tear it out and make it polished concrete. That’s the problems… Read more »

Amen, Andrew.


Andrew nailed it.

Lucas Lechuga

Yeah, I think Juan was being a bit sarcastic as well. Besides the video never said anything about being comparatively the lowest priced. It just said not to overprice your home. Don’t let emotional ties to the property create an obstacle in pricing it accurately.

Well said Andrew!


Even in hot markets, home improvements do not result in higher prices, so you can imagine what your30K of improvements is worth in this market…zero, ziltch, nada! Historically, the only improvement on a home that returned more than 100% of the investment was the addition of a new bathroom. Not a likely scenario in a condo. Andrew is spot on, historic prices of even 6 months ago are meaningless.

Caroline Carrara

Great clip!

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