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Paramount Bay Condos

April 25, 2011 by Lucas Lechuga

Paramount Bay condos

In anticipation of Paramount Bay launching sales in the coming months, I decided to launch my very own Paramount Bay website complete with floor plans.  Obviously, more content such as videos and additional pictures will be added to the website once Paramount Bay officially opens to the public.  Paramount Bay is a highly anticipated building and we’re confident that it will come to be regarded as one of Miami’s finest condo developments.  I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as I hear anything new regarding Paramount Bay.  Feel free to send me an email if you would like to be informed via email of the Paramount Bay sales launch date once it becomes available.

Over the past year, we’ve also launched the following building specific websites:

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8 Comments on "Paramount Bay Condos"

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I guess I should put this here now. Stalled Paramount Bay Retools for Opening

new reality

Paramount is a fantastic project developed in the wrong location.
Something that would do better in South of fifth and not in a dumpy area with half-empty middle-class condos such as the ones in bay parc.Not to mention the pre-existing old buildings which look like housing projects or tenements.
This will be a real test,especially considering the size of the units and high prices they will try to scoop up for these.

new reality

Seems like good judging to me.

new reality


dont know if there is a glitch in the system.
Tried to post 3 news pieces from today w/o any luck

Lucas Lechuga
new reality

Thanks for posting Lucas.
It will be interesting to see at what pricee/sqft they will come out considering the huge size of the units.
It is an amazing project which went up at the wrong time.
Location is also questionable since it seems to be too high-end when compared to their neighboring buildings.
Bay parc still has a mixed bag of residents and buildings, so it will be interesting to watch how this unfolds.

Albert Grossman

Ouch…Paramount just filed their average monthly association maintenance fees per square foot with Miami-Dade County. Maintenance of of $0.76 in 2011, $0.88 in 2012, and $1.01 in 2013.
One bedrooms are 1,245 sq ft, so that is
$946 per month in 2011.
$1,096 per month in 2012.
$1,257 per month in 2013.

That is lot for a one bedroom apt. They are going to try to sell these at $380 per sq ft. One bedrooms probably won’t be great for investors.

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