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Introducing Two New Websites by Miami Condo Investments

July 2, 2010 by Lucas Lechuga

Marina Blue Miami Condos website

Miami Condo Investments is happy to announce the launch of two new websites.  The first of the two, is a building specific website called Marina Blue Miami Condos. The website has been in the works for the past two months and I’m more than pleased with the end result.  The Marina Blue floor plans for each of the residences in the building are included so be sure to check those out.  We have plans to launch four similar building specific websites within the next 3-4 months, the first of which will be Marquis.

LeBron's Future Miami Penthouse at Marina Blue

LeBron James, and the possibility of him signing with the Miami Heat, has been a hot topic as of late in not only the local media but national media as well.  If the Miami Heat organization is indeed able to sign King James, the positive economic impact to the city will be tremendous.  Furthermore, the growth of Downtown Miami will dramatically be accelerated.  In an effort to be first to market and capitalize on this very plausible scenario, we decided to launch LeBron’s Future Miami Penthouse in an effort to not only promote the Marina Blue Miami Condos website but also the 4,198 square foot penthouse currently available for sale at Marina Blue.  We felt that the proximity of Marina Blue to the American Airlines Arena and the stunning view that can be enjoyed from the largest residence in the building made it a perfect fit for what we had in mind.

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Lucas, Any idea why this unit at Marquis sold at such a huge discount? A penthouse in the Marquis Miami tower downtown has sold for $4.2 million, down 72 percent from its $15 million asking price. The Marquis is owned by Leviev Boymelgreen, a subsidiary of Israeli firm Africa Israel, owned by Lev Leviev. The company has lost about $1.4 billion in the last two years in U.S. and Russian real estate investments. Marquis Miami is a 309-unit, 65-hotel room tower, with the hotel rooms operated by Rock Resorts. The penthouse unit that sold is on the 67th floor, and… Read more »
Lucas Lechuga

The asking price of $15M was peak of market. Last year it was listed for $8M. $500 per square foot is an amazing deal but I hate that they keep using $15M as a reference point. That was such an outlandish price to begin with. For that kind of money you can buy a penthouse at Apogee.

Lucas Lechuga

Look for us tonight on CBS4 at 6pm. We were just interviewed by David Sutta regarding our newly launched website, LeBron’s Future Miami Penthouse (


you think lebron wants to walk to work? bet he is like the rest of us and separates work and home space!

more seriously, do any of the downtown condos, like marina blue, have the security needed for such a star to live there? wonder how that may affect others living in the building?


Maybe Pat Riley will give his Penthouse to him

I would not want him and his friends to live in my building. Basket Ball Sports stars may have lots and lots of money, but they are not generally the most classiest people, These type of folks generally don’t respect other folks that live in the building. They generally like to party big time and since they don’t have normal 9-5 jobs like the rest of us, their parties will be late hours and all the time. Also, they are used to being entitled, because they are famous and rich they generally feel that they are above the HOA rules… Read more »

I doubt Lebron James would buy a condo right opposite the arena (or any condo for that matter). Lebron has a large car collection and is also a family man. He is more likely to buy a mansion in miami beach (with high doorways and ceiling) to accomodate his large frame.

People are getting caugh up in Lebron mania and you will see these types of publicity stunts until he actually signs with an NBA team. I hope he comes to Miami and joins the heat…..this city needs some good news. 🙂

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