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Bloomberg Calls Kobi Karp Miami’s Mega-Mansion Architect of Choice, Apparently

August 2, 2016 by Sean McCaughan


If you’re involved in the Miami architecture or real estate scene, then you probably have an opinion about one of its most prolific architects, Kobi Karp. Love him or hate him, his work is everywhere, including some of the most massive houses designed in Miami and Miami Beach in the last five years. Is he the the Stanford White of modern day Miami? Ha! No. But Bloomberg interviewed him, in an article published today, calling him Miami’s “mega mansion architect of choice.” The article is about all the over-the-top amenities that many of Miami’s richest homeowners want in a brand new stucco castle by the bay, and in that sense Kobi probably is the expert. Here are some of his most memorable quotes:

“What became apparent is that the individuals coming to Miami wanted a home that didn’t exist.”


Photos via Kobi Karp.

“Some people who have a lot of entertainment, a lot of parties, they want to break away [to the rooftop where] you’re the VIP, you’re up above the treetops…They might have a plunge pool or jacuzzi, but certainly a summer kitchen [and often seating elements called] waterproof poufs.”


“Nobody [in Miami] wants to see a light fixture, unless it’s decorative.”

“Ninety percent of my houses have elevators. When you’re a little bit old, or a little bit drunk, an elevator really helps.”

And not to mention that he always likes to include a poolside “cabana or casita.


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