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Have You Seen This Design District Sculpture of Kate Moss Doing The Splits?

August 7, 2016 by Sean McCaughan

Photo via Miami Design District.

What would Edina Monsoon think of this? Supermodel Kate Moss has become a universal symbol of fashion and the fashion world. “Moss as an abstraction, an idealized figure who is more of a cultural hallucination than an actual person of flesh and blood,” says Opera Gallery Director Dan Benchetrit, whose gallery loaned this sculpture of Moss contorted in an exaggerated, and probably impossible yoga pose to the Miami Design District.

The piece is called Myth Fortuna and was created by British artist Marc Quinn, who Benchatrit says “chose Moss because she’s an icon of our age.” To that point, the surrealness of the sculpture could symbolize the transformation of the Design District neighborhood, and even Miami as a whole. It’s on display in the Paseo Ponti, looking into the Palm Court, between Loro Piana and Hermès.

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