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Google Glass – The Future of Real Estate Marketing

November 11, 2013 by Lucas Lechuga


I have always had a fascination with marketing.  It is the hunt, not the kill, that thrills me.  Marketing has always been a numbers game.  The objective is get your message across to as many people as possible – in a non-spamming way of course – in hopes to procure a sale.  In real estate marketing, your objective is to not only get your message heard but also seen.  Not just seen, however.  Seen in a profound way that

I am what one would call an “early adopter” of technology.  To me, technology allows for the dissemination of a message to a mass audience.

To me, technology is a mode of delivering this message to a wider or more distinctive audience not achievable in the past.  With the advent of the Inte.  I shun to think what marketers used to do before the advent of the Internet.


the success of my real estate business in large part is owed to

have built my career on integrating the latest trends and technology into my real estate business.  From blogging, to videography, to mobile apps, to cutting edge website design and social media integration, I have

At the turn of the 21st century, there was lots of interest in Virtual Reality….now


Over the past three weeks, since obtaining Google Glass, I’ve been discovering, mainly through trial and error, what works and does not work in regards to shooting first-person videos.  For example, if standing more than three to four feet away from another person in the room, it can be difficult to hear that person speak.  A solution to this, however, one in which I have yet to try, is to grab the other person’s audio from an external recording device then overlay it on the video and audio recorded through Google Glass.

First-person video tour

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