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New Screen Shots of the iPhone Real Estate App

November 2, 2009 by Lucas Lechuga

We’re wrapping up the finishing touches on the Miami Condo Investments iPhone application.  We should be done by the end of this week.  We then need to submit it to Apple for approval.  The submission process usually takes 2-4 weeks.  I’m hoping that it’ll be available to download at the iTunes store by December 1st.  Not sure if I mentioned this before but I’m not going to charge for the application; it’s going to be a free download.  Below, you’ll find some screen shots of the Miami Condo Investments iPhone application.  This is going to be a serious app!


Building profile screen

Area Map Search

Price search

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14 Comments on "New Screen Shots of the iPhone Real Estate App"

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This is a great idea: congratulations. Please, be sure that the application will be also made available to app stores abroad, not only US. If you should need help for localizing the application in Italian, just drop me a line: it would be my pleasure.


Great work Lucas!



One of the best I’ve seen, for it’s easy, common sense choices. Congrats.


iphone is so sissy, I wouldn’t be cought dead with one (but to all the gay guys and teenage girls who can’t live without it, to each his own).
I will stick with my laptop to access all the good things MCI has to offer.


Hi Lucas,

there is a problem with your site. When I try to click on a particular building in order to see what is for sale or rent it starts downloading but then stops. It takes forever to download it fully. You had this problem before several months ago and it appears to happen again.

Lucas Lechuga


Are you still having that problem? I just clicked on a building link and it loaded without a problem.


No problems here, Lucas. Interesting, no hesitation on her part when she states “there is a problem with your site”.

Can’t wait for the new iphone app either!



Thank you once again for posting recent sales data. This is exactly the kind of information that many of us watch for to gauge the market. What better way than current sales data like this to tell us where and what and how much. Kudos. Now if we can only nudge Lucas : ) into bringing back his graphs of ” New Miami Condos Closing Rates” that was last posted in February.


Brilliant app! One thing I havent been able to locate on your site (perhaps it doesnt exist?) is a map of a given area (brickell, arts, etc) that shows all the buildings and their locations pegged. This app seems to have that.

Lucas Lechuga

Thanks Steve. You can find the map of a given neighborhood by clicking on the “Map Search” link at the top.

vlad shofle

Lucas, not sure if you are aware, but has an excellent app in the nyc area, and this looks like it has a similiar feel and look, you should check it out just to see if there is anything you love and maybe able to incorporate it into your app.

looks great, good luck.



see what type of browser you are using, there may be an issue with the browser, i have seen on OTHER sites that certain browsers don’t have the same features and access as others.


Thank you, Vlad

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