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Miami Condo Foreclosures – Search Engine Results

July 23, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

I’m an avid reader of anything to do with search engine optimization (SEO). The algorithms involved in producing search engine result pages (SERPs) fascinates me. I haven’t hired any outside companies to do any of the SEO work for my site. My blog has done the work for me. I began my blog a little over three months ago and the results that it has produced with the search engines in that short time span is amazing.

If you type in “Miami Condo Foreclosures” into Yahoo my sites appear as the first, second, fourth and eighth results on the first page.

Yahoo search results for Miami condo foreclosures

The results on Google aren’t as great but they still drive a lot of traffic to my blog. You will find my site by clicking on the fourth, sixth, eighth and ninth links on the first page of Google when typing in “Miami Condo Foreclosures“.

Google search results for Miami condo foreclosures

Surprisingly, the search results for “South Beach Condo Foreclosures” on Google is much better. I know that there is a lot of weight placed on key words used in the URL and “South Beach” doesn’t appear in my URL. So, I was shocked that “South Beach Condo Foreclosures” would have my site ranked higher than “Miami Condo Foreclosures” since keywords such as “Miami” and “Condo” appear in my URL. This is probably due to the fact that the keyword “Miami” has more competition than the search term “South Beach”. You will be led to my site by clicking on the first, second, fourth and fifth links that appear on the first Google result page after typing in “South Beach Condo Foreclosures”.

Google search results for South Beach condo foreclosures

After this post, I’m sure that my site will hold even more relevance to the search terms cited above so you’ll probably find that my site appears even higher in the rankings than what I’ve noted.

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Beth Butler

Interesting how the search engines work. Those search terms will only increase so you are sitting pretty.

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