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I’m Back!

November 16, 2013 by Lucas Lechuga

Lucas Lechuga Ironman Florida 2013

After what seemed like a long hiatus, I’m back in full working mode.  About three months ago, I decided to take a step back from blogging to allow myself adequate time to train for my upcoming Ironman Florida race.  I am happy to announce that the race went extremely well and I am now officially an Ironman.  I completed the race in 10:13:32.  It was my first Ironman race ever, and even more incredible is the fact that it took place just five months after completing my first triathlon ever.

Expect to hear much more from me in the months ahead.  If you are on Google+, be sure to circle my Miami Condo Investments business page.  There you will find news and other content related to the Miami real estate market.  To learn more about my personal interests and hobbies, circle my personal Google+ page.  As of late, I have become a very active member of Google+ and find it to be a much more robust and powerful social platform than either Facebook or Twitter.

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