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Frost Museum of Science Construction Back on Track After Money Trouble

May 24, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
Frost Museum of Science, as of last week. Photo by Lucas Lechuga.

Frost Museum of Science, as of last week. Photo by Lucas Lechuga.

Early last week, Miami Condo Investments reported on the glacially slow speed of construction at the Frost Museum of Science in Museum Park, visible over the past few weeks. With their crucial financial bailout in hand, the Frost site looked surprisingly inactive. However, according to a guided construction tour last Friday, the Real Deal says the construction team is really going at it on the immensely complicated interior spaces and technological systems inside the museum, and that is finally spilling out to the exterior as well. Walking by today, we heard the familiar sounds of c construction.

To get closer to completion, the museum is slimming down some of its extras to complete construction, including certain exhibits, but basic work on other exhibitions that will make opening day has already begun. Still however, Museum CEO Gillian Thomas has (perhaps wisely by this point) declined to name an opening date, while still aiming to complete construction by the end of the year.

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