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Flamingo South Beach: Then & Now

October 27, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

Flamingo South Beach

Correction: I’ve been told that the picture above is from the 1920s and is of the old Flamingo Hotel.

I viewed the above picture a few days ago. I found it simply amazing to see what Miami Beach and Flamingo South Beach looked like in the 1960s. There were so many parcels of land still untouched back then. What a world of change 40+ years can bring to a city.

Flamingo South Beach became the largest condo-conversion in the state of Florida in early 2006. It is composed of three towers with 1,688 total units and is in the process of undergoing a multi-million dollar restoration. Currently, the south tower has been fully sold and Chicago-based MCZ Development is now working to sell out the north tower. The center tower, which rises above the two others and has more modern finishes and better views, will likely be available for sale in late 2008 if MCZ Development exercises their rights to it.

What is interesting to note about the picture above is that a swimming pool didn’t exist back then at Flamingo South Beach. Nowadays, the swimming pool area is where the party is each sunny weekend afternoon.

Flamingo South Beach

Of course, the picture directly above wasn’t taken on a weekend afternoon. In fact, I took it in August of 2006 on a Tuesday afternoon. The topless and G-string clad beauties at Flamingo South Beach usually bask under the South Florida sun on the weekends.

Flamingo South Beach

Flamingo South Beach is well known for its great amenities. It is the closest that you’ll come to resort-style living in South Beach. Investors love Flamingo South Beach because rental rates are high and the development allows short-term rentals. A gorgeous place to stay while on vacation in South Beach.

Truth be known, prices likely won’t appreciate at Flamingo South Beach for 2-3 years sheerly based on the high number of units that have been and will eventually be fully converted. The long-term outlook, however, for Flamingo South Beach is great. It’s a little piece of paradise within a paradise city.

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8 Comments on "Flamingo South Beach: Then & Now"

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Juan Leal

Excellent post, lets see what happens with the center tower.

Lucas Lechuga

How did I guess that you would be the first to comment on this post? LOL

One of these days we should roll my camera through Flamingo to show these people what it’s all about.

Alex G

Flamingo uncensored? LOL


How well are sales going in that north tower? They’ve been trying to sell it for over a year now, correct?

Jose Laya
Brian, Sale are slow in the North Tower. They have given the current residents of the units in the North tower the option to buy their units before they begin working in the building. You are right they have been trying to sell it for about a year, and I also know that they have been advertising this project all throughout this city, state, other states and even other countries. They are advertising the heck out of it. Ok.. here it goes… It is a great piece of property, great location and you do have plenty of space to walk… Read more »
I agree with your assessment above, Jose. The parking is a problem. The units also lack washer/dryer rooms, and i’m not a big fan of the minature all in one washers they have in the kitchen. Those are useful in vacation homes, but not a permanent residence. I’ve also heard that the walls are paper thin and noise easily travels from unit to unit. With so many monthly rentals, the quality of life is not so good if you live there year round. This used to be an all apartment building with 1 landlord, now it seems like an apartment… Read more »
Andrew P

Hi, I’m wanting to rent a 2 bed at Flamingo from 29th Dec – 8th Jan, could anyone contact me on my e mail many thanks


I stayed there and thoroughly enjoyed it, everyone is friendly, there are lots of positives and they far out weigh the minors, alot better then the UK equivelant. I’m after a 6 month let from end Oct 2008 for 6 months, a luxury 1 bed with unobstructed water views, pls contact meif you have availability, regards

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