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Week in Review: How to Avoid the Federal Disclosure Law for Cash Purchases and Other News…

January 24, 2016 by Sarah Elles Boggs

Rendering from Paramount Miami Worldcenter

Week of January 17-23, 2016.

The US Treasury announced this week that starting in March, title companies will be required to disclose the identities of buyers to government regulators for all cash purchases above $1 million in Miami’s residential real estate market. They are hoping to put a stop to illicit funds being laundered through the cash purchases, but effectively are also spooking legitimate buyers who simply do not wish to have their buying habits publicly disclosed.

Fear not, fancy condo shoppers. The ink is not even dry on the new order and The Real Deal has already compiled a list of 7 ways that the rule can be circumvented. [The Real Deal]

Last week, the developer of Miami Worldcenter announced that it is scrapping the plans for an enclosed mall just days after Macy’s announced multiple store closings due to slow sales. After this announcement Taubman and Forbes cancelled their contract with Worldcenter, causing a flurry of rumors and news stories stating that the project would be scrapped. It turns out that everyone jumped the gun. According to the developer and this Taubman release, the project is not scrapped. The contract just needs to be renegotiated to reflect the new building plans. [Zacks]

While everyone was up in arms about the potential drama at Miami Worldcenter, Brickell CityCentre released their updated list of all retailers, shops and restaurants that will be opening with the mall. The shops will begin individual build-out soon and is scheduled to open later in the year. [The Next Miami]


In possibly the least surprising news of the week, Car2Go finally announced that they are suspending service effective March 1. They say that the reason for the service-shuttering is low ridership and high state taxes, locals have not wasted time or minced words with their own theories. It seems they have been in trouble with their client base for some time due to poor handling of a PR incident involving a drunk driving accident, not offering service in many important areas of the community, poor customer service and unreliable service. We think it can be easily explained by simple economics… why pay more to drive yourself in a shared smart car with a complicated service when you can pay less and have an Uber car pick you up at your doorstep and drop you off wherever you want to go? The choice is simple. [Curbed]

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The only time car2go made sense was during Ubers rate hikes.

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