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Ten Museum Park Pet Policy Change

November 18, 2014 by Lucas Lechuga

Ten Museum Park Pet Policy Change

At a recent board meeting, the Residential Board of Directors for Ten Museum Park voted and passed to overturn the pet policy.  Once again, renters will be permitted to have a maximum of two pets per unit with a combined total weight not to exceed 100 pounds.  All unit owners and renters will required to fill out a pet registration form, submit a photo of their pet(s), and remit a non-refundable $50 pet fee per pet.  The policy change will go into effect starting December 19, 2014.

In my opinion, this is great news for unit owners in the building, especially for investors.  There have been so many times that I have had to turn away prospective renters from Ten Museum Park simply because they have a pet.  Up until around August 2013, Ten Museum Park had been a pet-friendly building and a favorite among pet owners due to its open floor plans.  The change should increase rental demand for units at Ten Museum Park, which should in turn have a positive impact on rental prices.  As it stands, rental inventory is low in the building.  Currently, there are just 6 units available for rent at Ten Museum Park of 200 total units.  With the newly opened, $40M Museum Park right across the  street, I am sure Ten Museum Park will once again be a favorite among dog owners.

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