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Camillus House to be Demolished Monday

June 21, 2012 by Lucas Lechuga

Camillus House logo

Demolition of Camillus House is expected to begin Monday, as reported yesterday by The Miami Herald.  The last residents of the homeless shelter will be relocated to its new campus the same day.  Camillus House, located in Downtown Miami at 726 NE 1 Ave, has served the community since 1960.  In recent years, however, with the continued urbanization and growth of Downtown Miami, Camillus House has been considered a neighborhood blight. With multi-million dollar condominiums just a few short blocks away, the removal of the shelter makes logical sense.  It will allow for a safer environment conducive to the type of growth that Downtown Miami has seen within recent years.  The move has been heralded by condo and business owners in the area in expectation that property values and business opportunities will improve as an immediate result.

Below is a map showing the Camillus House location that will be demolished on Monday along with various condominium developments in Park West Miami that will be positively affected the most:

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