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On Friday, Another New Britto Gallery Opened on Lincoln Road

August 29, 2016 by Sean McCaughan

Photos by Sean McCaughan

Artist Romero Britto has just plopped down another one of his eponymous art galleries near the east end of Lincoln Road, longitudinally opposite his ever-so-so-slightly older (but still brand new) gallery at Lincoln Road’s west end. The new Britto Store occupies the former Ricky’s Costumes space, and as of Saturday was still missing its ‘Britto’ signage. Not that anyone would confuse it for any other artist’s gallery. There are now more Britto Galleries on On Lincoln Road than any other retail brand except Swatch, 4D, or Starbucks.

On Friday, Mr. Britto officially opened the new Romero Britto Gallery, to sell all the commercially produced and consumer products that the slathers his signature graphic pop-art designs on, including everything from limited edition prints, to giant teddy bears, T-shirts, and table-lamps. Meanwhile, over by Lenox Avenue, the Romero Britto Fine Arts Gallery, which opened about  a week ago, may look like a cloned twin, but this one sells one-off sculptures, paintings, and other creative stuff.


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