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Introducing Clear Residences in Downtown Miami

May 10, 2024 by Jacki Taylor

Clear Residences in Downtown Miami

Toronto-based Blutrich Holdings, spearheaded by real estate mogul Gil Blutrich, is set to transform Downtown Miami's skyline with their latest venture, Clear Residences. This ambitious project proposes a 60-story mixed-use building situated at 130 Southeast 1st Street, a prime location in the heart of the Central Business District.

Clear Residences is designed to be a nearly 690-foot-tall architectural marvel, encompassing approximately 666,432 square feet. The structure is planned by Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design, with landscape architecture by KEITH. The project aims to offer 549 residential units alongside 3,622 square feet of ground-floor commercial space. Furthermore, residents will enjoy nearly 40,000 square feet of amenities and a parking garage designed to hold 157 vehicles. The Miami Urban Development Review Board is expected to review the project proposal on May 15.

Currently, the site operates as a surface parking lot, covering about 23,750 square feet or 0.55 acres, bordered by SE 1st Street and SE 2nd Street, with SE 1st Avenue and SE 2nd Avenue flanking its sides.

The design of Clear Residences aims to blend seamlessly with the urban fabric of Downtown Miami while standing out with its modern architectural elements. The building is characterized by sleek, curved corners and a striking glass façade. A unique feature of the design is the building's rooftop, which includes landscaped terraces that provide a stunning contrast to its linear structure, enhancing the visual appeal and reducing the massiveness of the tower.

The tower's position within the city allows it to capture breathtaking views from Biscayne Bay towards the west, emphasizing its prominence in the city's landscape. The architectural renderings reveal a structure that honors the area's vibrancy while contributing to the skyline's dynamic evolution.

Several detailed renderings showcase the building’s intricate fenestration and façade, which includes vertical columns wrapped in golden metal, wrap-around frameless glass guardrails, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The bronze aluminum cladding panels add a touch of elegance and modernity to the overall design.

Blutrich Holdings has requested several waivers to facilitate this project, including increased lot coverage and adjustments to building setbacks and frontage access. These requests are aligned with recent amendments to local zoning codes, aiming to accommodate the unique design and structural requirements of Clear Residences.

Clear Residences is poised to be a significant addition to Miami's downtown area, offering luxury living combined with breathtaking designs and state-of-the-art amenities. As the review date approaches, all eyes will be on how this project will further shape the future of Miami's urban landscape.

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