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The City Inn on I-95, Bleak and Abandoned, Will Reopen as a Holiday Inn Again

June 24, 2016 by Sean McCaughan


One of the ugliest of the uglies on I-95, the abandoned ten story City Inn, is being renovated to become a Holiday Inn, its original hotel flag. A new ‘coming soon’ sign has appeared on the hotel’s east side facing the highway. Starting with that The Next Miami found some more info in a Miami Herald feature on abandoned buildings published a few years ago. It was built in 1969, just after the new I-95, from which it hoped to attract sleepy tourists and those taking longer Florida Keys-bound vacations. Instead, it couldn’t compete with the highways and a deteriorating neighborhood, becoming a Days Inn for a while, then the off-brand City Inn and popular prostitute and shady-person hang out, and now a halfway gutted-out carcass.

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Nature Lover

For years the family that owned that property had it covered in monster illegal billboards. Eventually, Miami-Dade County fined the property and the County won over $1.2 mil in court. Unfortunately, for years the site was a nasty signal to tourists and residents as they entered the County on I-95.

Enrique Scarpa

I know the owners of that building.

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