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La Petite Maison Construction Signage Goes Up at BrickellHouse, Way Behind Schedule

May 16, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
La Petite Maison Signage

La Petite Maison Construction Signage. Photo by Lucas Lechuga.

Last April Arjun Waney, the co-owner of crazy popular Zuma and Coya, announced that he was bringing another restaurant, La Petite Maison, to the ground floor space at BrickellHouse that, if we remember correctly, was originally going to be a Meat Market. The very, very successful restaurateur already has outposts of the French Provençal place in London, Dubai, and Istanbul. And it would open in Brickell by the end of the year. Now that April has rolled past, again, and we’re in the middle of May, construction fencing/signage has gone up and it looks like they have finally begun to move in.

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