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Valentine Message at Espirito Santo

February 15, 2009 by Lucas Lechuga

Valentine Message at Espiritu Santo

As Valentine’s Day weekend comes to a close, I wanted to share a thoughtful message made of Jello-O that was left on the glass-enclosed shower of one of the units at Espirito Santo.  I showed the unit earlier today shortly after the previous guest had checked out.  Espirito Santo is a condo-hotel residence located in the heart of Brickell at 1395 Brickell Avenue.

Espirito Santo condo-hotel units for sale

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13 Comments on "Valentine Message at Espirito Santo"

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The Ace

To those that paid more than $125.00, we love you too!

The Smart Money


I second the motion.
All comps welcome.
Buy now and buy often.


I am looking for short term rental March 3-March 15. Miami or Fort Lauderdale.
For 5 adults (everyone +60 years old – definitely not party crowd). I need a single family with a pool. Anyone that has info, please contact me by emailing at
Thanks very much.


….anyone that has any info – I meant to say above

Lucas, Happy Valentines Day to you too! BTW, from posting an article once every week or two, you have started posting an article once a day. Nothing wrong with that except, it will not give anyone a chance to even contemplate and respond to some worthy articles like the previous “face of downtown” you wrote. That posting should have been there for at least another week unless a major sudden breaking news emerges. Now what do you expect us to comment about bathroom graffiti of Espiritu Santo. Is there no way you could have included this particular piece as a… Read more »
Lucas Lechuga


I guess I’m just addicted with the power of Google. It amazes me that if you Google “Espiritu Santo Miami” or “Espiritu Santo Brickell” the post above shows up on the first results page. It was also a good opportunity to have Google crawl the my listings page of Espiritu Santo.

I don’t plan to have this post at the top for long. I agree that there wouldn’t be too many comments over it. Expect something new by morning.


The Espiritu Santo Building has residences? That’s news to me! I thought it was 100% office.


Isn’t it “espirito santo”


anybody see house of cards on cnbc ?

Renter Tom

At least it was in jello…..and not blood given the bloodbath people have taken in this real estate market.


Espiritu Santo is nice building. I have a friend there and visit often. Nice amenities.

Jeremy Aguayo

That is a really nice building

jeremy aguayo

My friends own a unit there and it is a very nice building.

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