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Lobby Makeover Planned at The Club at Brickell Bay

August 12, 2010 by Lucas Lechuga

The Club at Brickell Bay lobby renovation project

Late last week, I showed a few condos at The Club at Brickell Bay to a client.  On our way out, I noticed a pair of poster boards alongside a voting box in the lobby.  The voting box urged condo owners to vote for one of two plans to renovate the building lobby with the following descriptions below each option:

Option 1:  A royal blue scheme, referencing existing color tones, but done in a much more opulent and sophisticated manner, with new porcelain tile flooring, area rugs below new seating areas, wall covering, drapery feature wall treatment (while keeping the window wall unobstructed), reception/concierge desk, central feature table, ceiling treatments, light fixtures and artwork/accessories/greenery

Option 2: A neutral champagne scheme that is a more distinct color departure from the existing blue, but nearly identical to Option 1 in terms of architectural design treatment with the exception of a mirror installed in place of artwork, and circular rugs in lieu of square at the seating areas

The best news of all is that I heard that there’s enough money in the budget to undertake such a project.  Maintenance fees will not increase as a result of the renovation project nor will a special assessment be levied.  Looks like the building has come a long way since management was replaced a few years ago.  I remember the days when The Club at Brickell Bay had difficulties paying its own operating expenses.

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why bother

Slow news day?

why bother

jcrimes said “rents in brickell may be rising but then that means that rents on the beach/gables etc. are taking a hit.”

I can vouch for this from many sources. This is totally true. Downtown’s gain is the rest of Miami’s pain.


Not sure where you heard that theres enough money in the budget to be able to do it without a special assesment because its quite the opposite. There will be some sort of special assesment if they undertake either of the two options.


Seriously Sad images…With so many talented designers out of work, we get this amateur hand drawings. Good luck with that!


I was told the same thing by the VP of the board. She said there was enough money in the budget that the lobby remodel was not going to result in any special assessment or increase of fees.

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