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Inside Brickell Heights Part 2: The Amenities

June 5, 2017 by Sarah Elles Boggs

Brickell Heights East Rooftop View 02

As workers were scurrying around, putting the final touches on the Brickell Heights amenities in preparation for Wednesday’s big grand opening, we were able to take a full tour of everything the building has to offer. Despite the fact that today wasn’t the sunniest or prettiest day in Miami history, you can tell that the building came together beautifully.

Pictured above is the view from the rooftop swimming pool in Brickell Heights East. Even though I admit to being a bit jaded when it comes to Miami views, my jaw dropped when I stepped out of the elevator lobby. On this level, there is also a summer kitchen and dining area. Here are some additional shots. Again, please excuse the dust. They were getting ready for the party.

Brickell Heights East Rooftop View 03

Brickell Heights East Rooftop View01

Brickell Heights East Rooftop Pool

Brickell Heights East Rooftop View

After we finished on the 50th floor pool area, we went down to the 9th floor to tour the other amenities starting in the East tower and working our way West.

First was the conference room. It also has wifi and docking stations with a view of Mary Brickell Village.

Conference room with wifi.

The party room in the East tower also has a polished concrete billiard table and matching ping pong table. All of the design was put together by David Rockwell.

Brickell Heights Amenities Billiard

Brickell Heights East Party Room

Brickell Heights Amenities East Party Room

This sculpture is called “Frozen Fire”. It was created especially for this party room.

Brickell Heights Frozen Fire Sculpture

I am a big fan of the foliage walls. They were found throughout the amenity area. The plants pictured are not plastic either (thank goodness). The real plants are more upkeep (especially if you’re like me and don’t have a green thumb), but they really add a nice touch to the ambiance.

Brickell Heights Amenities East Party Room 02

The plant wall theme was carried into the fitness center, that has a nice mix of machines and lots of space for a condo gym workout. For a “kid in Disneyworld” level workout, residents do receive a complimentary membership for a limited time.

Brickell Heights Amenities Gym

As a mother to a toddler, I almost imploded with envy at the play room. Just this alone was nearly enough for me to pack up my apartment in Infinity and move across the neighborhood. The play room is so perfect, I almost feel like someone is baiting me, like a mosquito to a light bulb.

Brickell Heights Amenities Kids Room 02

Brickell Heights Amenities Kids Room 03

Brickell Heights Amenities Kids Room 04

Brickell Heights Amenities Kids Room

Brickell Heights Amenities Kids Room 05

While the kids are tearing down their play palace, the moms can go in the spa and relax.

Brickell Heights Amenities Spa

… or get a massage.

Brickell Heights Amenities Massage

Want to invite your 30 closest friends over for a movie, but don’t want people in your apartment? No problem.

Brickell Heights Amenities Theater

Brickell Heights Amenities Theater 02

Brickell Heights’ West tower also has its own enormous party room.

Brickell Heights Amenities Party Room West

Brickell Heights Amenities Party Room West 02

Brickell Heights Amenities Party Room West 03

Brickell Heights Amenities Party Room West 04

Behind the West party room, the building also has a vegetable garden. Botanists are going to pick the fresh herbs and veggies each week and leave them in the lobbies for the residents to take.

Brickell Heights Amenities Garden

The main pool deck has a putting green for those who want to work on their short game.

Brickell Heights Amenities Putting Green

And finally, the main pool! It was difficult to get a good shot of the pool today, since it was mostly covered. They covered the pool in clear plexiglass to make a dance floor for Wednesday’s grand opening. Each side of the pool has a concrete arch like the one pictured below. When turned on, the arch becomes a water wall.

Brickell Heights Amenities Pool

The doors open this week!

Brickell Heights Amenities Entry

Overall, I feel Related Group and David Rockwell nailed it with Brickell Heights. The building has a great mix of usability with an edge of the cool factor. I predict this will be one of the more successful buildings long-term that comes from their portfolio.

Now, the streetscape!

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7 months 12 days ago

Feel sorry for all the buyers who overpaid for units in this project. The prices are way down now and will continue to decrease. Probably in 10 years they will see some equity.
Ask the buyers of Millecento Brickell. The value of their units are about 10% down after almost 3 years. Basically, they financed the developer so they could built and they made a fortune in profits. Developers need to lower considerably their profits. This is insane.


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