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Foreclosure Listings at Vue at Brickell Doubles in Three Weeks

June 14, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

Vue at Brickell

On May 24, 2007 I posted an entry entitled, “Vue at Brickell – Overpriced or Insanely Overpriced?“, in which I questioned the average price per square foot of the condo units at a building called Vue at Brickell. I surmised that mortgage fraud may have been partly at fault for prices at Vue at Brickell reaching such irrational levels.

At that time there were three listed foreclosure units in the building. Now, there are a total of six. In three weeks the number of the listed units that are currently in the foreclosure process have doubled. Those are just the ones that are listed. I’m sure there are others. Below you will see those six listings, as well as relevant property information.

Vue at Brickell excel spreadsheet

(FL#=floor number, #BEDS=number of bedrooms, #FB=number of full baths, #HB=number of half baths, LA=living area square footage, LP$=list price, LP$/SqFt=average price per square foot, #GAR=number of parking spaces, WTRFR=waterfront?)

I find it humorous that two of the listings categorize Vue at Brickell as being a waterfront building. It is far from being a waterfront building.

As you can see, the average price per square foot of the listed foreclosure units at Vue at Brickell is currently $475.81. The non-foreclosure units in the building have a much higher price per square foot. Only one of the six listings penetrated the $400 per square foot mark on the downside. Mark my words, within 18 months the majority of condo listings in Vue at Brickell, both foreclosure and non-foreclosure, will be under $400 per square foot. The availability of such a large number of newly constructed condo units within the next 18 months, in much higher-end buildings, will be the driving force. These buildings already offer price points below $400 per square foot and the growing supply will push those prices even lower.

It now more important than ever that you research various buildings in the neighborhood and receive a comparative market analysis when making a home purchase to ensure that you are making a wise investment. You know what they say…”Buying a home is the most important investment that you’ll make in your life”.

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