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Emerald at Brickell 3 Bedroom/4.5 Bathroom Penthouse Looks Like a Steal

September 8, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

Emerald at Brickell

This past week I came across a 3 bedroom/4.5 bath Penthouse condo at Emerald at Brickell that is priced at $975,000. I had to do a double-take when I saw the listing because I know that the 2 bedroom residences at Emerald at Brickell are listed in the $900K’s to as high as $1.45M. The listing shows this 3 bedroom/4.5 bath condo as having 2,847 square feet of living space.

Emerald at Brickell

I believe there are only 4 Penthouse units at Emerald at Brickell. Currently, this is the only Penthouse condo that is available on the market at Emerald at Brickell. The Penthouse units have a spiral staircase which lead to the rooftop pool and fitness center. The views from the pool deck are the best that I have seen from the pool deck of a condo building in Miami. (Unfortunately, the picture below shows only a bit of how great the views are from the rooftop).
Emerald at Brickell

Penthouse condos are supposed to sell towards the high end of a building’s average price per square foot. The August Brickell Condo Index revealed that condos at Emerald at Brickell had an average list price of $535.01 per square foot while condos sold over the previous six months had an average price of $474.85. This 3 bedroom/4.5 bath condo at Emerald at Brickell is listed at $342.47 per square foot. This seems like a steal to me.

I haven’t been able to get a hold of the listing agent, however. The only contact number that accompanies the listing is that of his office. I’ve called and they have told me that he is out of the country and are not sure when he will return. The price may be a misprint but if it it is not, then I assure you that this is a fantastic deal.

Emerald at Brickell

A 3 bedroom/3.5 bath Penthouse sold for $1.25M in October of 2006. That unit has 3,098 square feet. That amounts to $403.49 per square foot. With the views that the penthouse units offer at Emerald at Brickell, I think anything under $1M is a bargain. This is an east-facing penthouse condo by the way.

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Doc T

The emerald deal sounds too good to be true. That actually appears to be the largest unit in the building. Contact me if it is a true offer and give me the particulars. I would like to see the unit if so!

There seems to be a real problem of quantum in Miami and Miami Beach. By this I mean, we can all talk price per sq ft til we’re blue in the face, but if people built big condos expecting big absolute prices, the quantum is wrong. They are only certain places where $1m condos, no matter what size will sell. Where I live in London, there’s essentially a top of about $3m no matter what size apartment or house – that’s the quantum people will pay to live in that area. I think, unfortunately, the obsession with “cheap” price per… Read more »

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