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Closings at Icon Brickell Picking Up Steam

September 27, 2010 by Lucas Lechuga

Icon Brickell exterior

Closings at Icon Brickell began in December 2008.  Since that time, Icon Brickell has been covered by local and national media alike.  Some news articles marveled at the sheer size of the development while others predicted its impending doom.  Closings at Icon Brickell started tremendously slow with many buyers choosing to wait for the development to revert back to the conglomerate of banks providing the financing for construction in hopes that price reductions would soon follow.  This past May, Towers 1 and 2 of Icon Brickell were handed back to its lenders and prices were once again reduced.  It appears that the latest price reduction has peaked the interest of buyers who had been sitting on the sidelines.  Seems unbelievable but Tower 1 has now sold around 85 percent of its condos while about 90 percent of the units in Tower 3 have sold.  Tower 2 was the most recent to become available and has already sold around 25 percent of its condos.  Those are very impressive numbers.  In my opinion, Tower 2 offers the best views of the three towers and should have no problem selling its remaining units.

Icon Brickell Tower 2 floor plans

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2 Comments on "Closings at Icon Brickell Picking Up Steam"

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any stats on what price these things are gong for?

William B.

Yeah.. what are the going prices? Its great that sales have picked up but knowing some price points would make the posts more useful…

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