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Stephen Owens, Builder of Brickell Key and Brickell City Centre, is Retiring

May 26, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
Stephen Owens-1

Photo courtesy Swire Properties.

Stephen Owens, President of Swire Properties, builder of Brickell City Centre and Brickell Key, as well as JADE at Brickell Bay (through a joint venture), and just a really nice guy, has had more of an impact on the development of Brickell than just about anybody, with the possible exceptions of the Related Group and Mary Brickell herself. Upon completion of City Centre in 2017, Mr. Owens will be retiring from his role as President, while remaining on the board of the company and providing council on U.S. projects. He’s being replaced as President in January of 2017 by one of the Swire bigwigs in Hong Kong named Kieren Bowers who is the General Manager of a Swire megaproject there. If and when Swire decides to build yet another urban megaproject in Miami, it sounds like the new guy will know what he’s doing too.

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