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Reach Brickell City Centre Photo Tour

July 7, 2019by Lucas Lechuga

Yesterday, I shared a photo tour of Rise Brickell City Centre. The photos included shots of its amenities and common areas. Today, I'm sharing a photo tour of Reach Brickell City Centre. As I mentioned yesterday, both towers have a lot of commonalities but there are subtle differences....

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Rise Brickell City Centre Photo Tour & Buyer Incentives

July 6, 2019by Lucas Lechuga

In an effort to sell out its remaining unsold inventory, Swire introduced earlier this year the following incentives to entice buyers: a ten percent cash rebate plus two years of free condo fees. For a $1-million condo, for example, the incentives amount to savings of around $115,000 ($100,000 from the ten percent cash rebate plus roughly $15,000 ...

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