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County Considering Network of ‘Water Buses’ Around Biscayne Bay

July 20, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
Photo via Flickr/Phillip Pessar.

Photo via Flickr/Phillip Pessar.

In their wacky-tobackie dysfunctional ways, South Florida’s politicians are getting serious about looking for answers to our worsening traffic issues in Miami. The latest ideas being floated (floated!) are aquatic, per yesterday’s county commission meeting, when commissioners got a preview of their probe into possible water transportation solutions. As Miami Today reports, it’s an idea that people have yacked about for years, but finally the county is getting serious, with various types of water taxis, and even ‘water buses’ being considered. They are pouring over old water transport studies for ideas, and looking for possible locations for docks and connectivity to other transit, as well as ideal sized vessels, and whether the solution would be a city or county-run service.

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1 year 5 months ago

A water bus network is long overdue. Affordable, flexible, and easy-to-implement, such a system could be readily integrated with existing and future ground transit. Ultimately, it would reduce causeway traffic, bypass bottlenecks, and offer a truly miami-centric transportation alternative to locals and tourists alike.


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